2017 Climate Justice Youth Camp at Localize This!

Youth_Camp_Button_1.pngAnnouncing the Climate Justice Young Activist Camp at Localize This! Action Camp on Vashon Island, WA. Tuesday July 25th - August 1st!

Backbone is thrilled to partner with the Center For Sustainable Economy and Sustainable Energy and Economy Network in expanding our 2017 Action Camp to welcome youth ages 13-17. 

CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP for the Young Activist CAMP!

The injustices, inequities and threats to a habitable biosphere are mounting. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to ensure the voices and aspirations of YOUTH are centered and at the forefront of shaping the world and society they’re inheriting. 


Participants of the Climate Justice Youth Camp join together for a week of fun activist skill-building, relationship-building, and climate justice strategizing on beautiful Vashon Island, WA. Alongside passionate young activists and seasoned organizers, come explore pathways for creative change-making by land, air, and sea!

Learn how to do bat signal-like Guerrilla Light Projection on buildings. Build giant inflatable puppets. Hoist massive banners by helium, hot air balloons and kites. Create billboards for “We The People”  with LED Lights. Practice song and dance flashmobs. Explore creative ways to earn media and build social movement power to bring about the world you want and deserve! 


From tree climbing to kayaktivism to arts for social change and beyond — the Climate Justice Youth Camp is a week packed full of experiences and offerings rare to find anywhere else.  (WATCH the  Localize This! Action Camp VIDEO HERE)

The Climate Justice Youth Camp is the launchpad for youth-led climate justice work in Oregon and Washington states. In the months and years to come, the friends you make at camp will join you arm-in-arm creating the world we yearn for! Don’t miss out on this exciting and unique opportunity! Sign-up for the Climate Justice Youth Camp TODAY! 


Questions, or to let us know you’re interested connect with Youth Coordinator Jo Walter by calling 360-551-6944 or emailing littlesproutsps@comcast.com. You can also call our office at 206-408-8058



Dates: Tuesday July 25th - August 1st (arrive Monday evening on the 24th anytime between 4pm - 7:30pm)

Cost: $350 with limited scholarships available. (Pitch-in according to your means, everything over $350 helps to support scholarships for fellow participants from marginalized communities).

Meals: Camp includes 3 delicious vegetarian and vegan community meals a day. Our Camp kitchen team is sensitive to the varying diets of participants. 


Camping: Youth will be sleeping in Tarpees designed for Standing Rock by our friend and collaborator Paul Cheoketen Wagner. Please bring all your bedding needed to slumber comfortably.

Safety etc: Trainers in climbing have decades of experience and use safe climbing methods and protective gear. Medics will be on site. All participants at camp are asked to uphold group agreements fostering a safer and welcoming community for all. Fellow non-minor participants have submitted references to camp facilitators. Other camp protocol, safety liability, and emergency contact information is addressed in a follow-up pdf to the camp sign-up form.




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