Board Member Susannah Hale


Susannah Hale joined the Backbone Campaign board in 2014. Her background in art and communications, her passion for working toward social and environmental justice and her skills in fundraising and event planning are a great fit for Backbone’s mission of artful activism. Susannah was born and raised in Latin America during the 80’s where she remembers as a child seeing some of the injustices of a war stricken country. From an early age and with the influence of her parent’s work, she realized the impact of working for peace and supporting communities that were at a disadvantage to advocate for themselves.  Moving to Oregon in grade school and proceeding to spend most of her life living in the PNW, Susannah is passionate about this region and actively working to secure the future of our sacred lands, waters, wildlife and livelihood. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Art History and Business. After spending years in the for-profit art education sector and growing into leaderships roles Susannah discovered the pure greed at the corporate level and quickly decided to change careers. She now dedicates her work life to working at Forterra, a non-profit land conservation organization, where she helps with fundraising. And in her personal life she actively works to support and create awareness and action for social and climate justice.