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Check out our calendar of Indivisible Backbone activism events, Member of Congress engagement opportunities and other creative gatherings!

The events calendar is now even more complete, and is a Google Calendar. You can now filter the calendar to show only those events which are of interest to you. To do this, click on the down arrow to the right of the word "Agenda" in the top right of the calendar. When you do this, you will see all the topics selected. Check only those you are interested in, to customize the calendar for your own viewing.

Also, please note you can look at the calendar in a weekly view as well. Just click on the word "Week" at the top of the calendar.

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  • small_Group_photo_at_the_Kite_Building_Art_Building_Event.jpgLend your time and talents for positive change!

    At this Art Build we're creating imagery for Strawberry Festival, painting and drying the final sections of the EARTH GLOBE, making a banner for a Kayaktivist action in San Francisco and making buttons and stencils. 

    Drop-in to our Vashon headquarters to help with a variety of volunteer opportunities. Stop in to Suite 205 when you arrive!

    No Skills Necessary - Just your willingness to help out!

    If you do have particular skills and an idea when you can pop-in please give us a heads-up by emailing, calling 206-408-8058 or texting Eric at 805-776-3882.

    Supplies / food items you can bring:

    • Headlamps for improved visibility. (Bring an extra to share if you have one). 
    • Eyeglasses or magnifying glasses if it improves your eyesight.
    • Dress for a slight mess.
    • Non-GMO snacks or beverages to share.
    • Clean plastic screw-top containers (we especially love Talenti gelato containers).
    Thanks for being part of the team!
  • Large_cropped_Strawberry_Festival_Vashon_2017_Group_Silly_Expressions_with_Orca_and_death_star_IMG_9390_(1)_copy.jpgInspire Vashonites to "Protect What They Love" by joining Backbone Campaign, Indivisible Backbone and Vashon friends and more in the Strawberry Festival Parade.

    Help us animate bold and beautiful (and lightweight) imagery symbolizing what we love in our region and vow to protect. Also, hob abroad the ecotopia train to move the vision of Solutionary Rail forward.

    RSVP so we can keep you up to date on details and the parade lineup. We'll be lining up along Vashon highway likely near the Lutheran Church. Vashon highway will be closed between vashon theater and the Vashon Athletic Club / Mom's Deli so plan our travel and parking accordingly. 

    This is a fun and perfect opportunity to introduce your friends to activism, invite them to join you!

    Join us for art builds during our Wednesday Volunteer Drop-ins on June 21st, 28th and July 19th to create imagery for the Strawberry Festival. 

    If you can also hang out with the Backbone booth for a bit over the weekend we'd love for you to join us. Email / call 206-408-8058.

    If you have questions about the parade email / call/text 805-776-3882.

    Thanks for being part of the team!
  • For Your Consideration...

    • Friday, March 09, 2018 at 12:00 PM
    • RSVP to receive the weekly email notice

    Welcome to the For Your Consideration... weekly email notice of social and political action steps! 

    The weekly notice contains a number of action steps you can take:  calling members of Congress, visits to town hall meetings and petitions to sign, all in response to current executive orders and pending legislation.   Action steps are organized by issues so you can quickly locate opportunities for action on the issues most important to you.

    Oriented to our home town of Vashon, Wa, we showcase many local groups taking action for social change and to protect our hard won progressive rights.  Here you can join a group or join a rally!

    Raise your voice in synchronization with ours - create an impact - make a difference!

    Thanks for your consideration...