Kyle Tanner

Community Organizing Trainer

Affiliated Organization:  Itinerant Agitational Organizer

Areas of Training: Community Organizing, Organizing Spiral, Earned Media, Honest Conversations, Fundraising: Hard & Soft Money

Kyle Tanner is a professional organizer, consultant, and Backbone board member. His work has spanned electoral politics, organized labor, environmental and healthcare advocacy. He believes in fair play, immutable human dignity and agitational organizing.


Kyle is now the nation digital director for the fast food organizing campaign. His digital chops are a result of organizing no budget/low budget campaigns across advocacy sectors where the option was DIY or Die. Prioritizing efficiency and utility over kittens, he designs digital campaigns that are driven by and integrated into the organizing spiral. He is learning how to recruit workers online, nourish worker-created digital hubs for communication and how to run digital strike teams in 100 cities on a single day.