LocalizeThis! 2016 schedule

Localize This! 2016 is going to be our 8th annual action camp.  Every year, the our action camp reflects the passions, skills, and personalities of the unique collection of change agents participating.  The schedule is always an evolving template for our time together.  That is surely true in 2016 as well.  This year's camp is on a new site with fresh challenges and character.  We've scheduled Localize This! earlier in the summer to better serve and prepare those heading out to political conventions, canoe journey, and other adventures.  

Backbone Campaign, like many of our friends also just finished a major mobilization for #BreakFreePNW holding 18 kayaktivist trainings, in 5 cities for over 180 people followed by 4 actions in 3 days in Anacortes.  So, the schedule and other aspects of camp are works in progress - but take a peak.  The People are what matter - and as you see - there will be some incredible people coming to share and mentor, challenge and encourage, learn and celebrate together.  

RSVP for the entire camp at http://LocalizeThis.org - OR - RSVP for the individual day you intend to join us below.  


Day one action camp: 




We have a number of surprises in store - many of which will be surprises for us as well.  We have faith in is the alchemy of convening and the collective brilliance of those who show up.  We encourage you to do just that.  Show up and 


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