Let's Build It!

NW Change Agent Center, a resource for our movement

Backbone Campaign just signed a purchase agreement for a beautiful 10 acre property, the former Youth Hostel on Vashon Island. It has been the site of our training camps, and now we're working to make it a year round resource to our movement and HQ for Backbone. We're launching a capital campaign to raise $1.3 million by October 1, 2018.

The first step, however, is to raise $130k earnest money by Feb 1 If we meet that RiseUp_LocalizeThis.jpggoal, our purchase agreement allows us to put down the money at zero risk, fully refundable to you, the donor, if our capital campaign goal isn't attained in October.

Ideally, we'll raise additional money to appropriately staff the facility for its first three years. But Backbone is a nimble organization, and we are exploring creative and solid funding mechanisms to make this both sustainable and a valued and timely resource for our movement. 
2018 will be all about mobilizing - recruiting, training, and supporting the Resistance. 
Contact our office (206.408.8058) if you would like to donate stock to either the earnest money or the purchase price.
Contact Executive Director Bill Moyer to discuss this project.
COUNTDOWN TO 01:00 PM PST on January 29
$85,000.00 pledged

How much will you pledge to donate on 01:00 PM PST on January 29?