Organizing Director: Eric Ross

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(805) 776- 3882

Eric feverishly works to keep the extraordinarily busy Backbone Campaign from falling into it's own OODA Loop. Eric is the prime coordinator of volunteers, Action Brigade opportunities, imagery mobilization,  and facilitates much of Backbone's communications. Eric joined Backbone as an intern to help with Localize This! 2012 training camp and is now full-time Backbone staff.

Eric attended and organized several Backbone workshops including Localize This! in 2011 and what led to a successful direct action in CO. Eric joins Backbone with a bachelors degree in Peace Studies from the Buddhist-inspired Naropa University in Boulder, CO, where he studied how to escalate conflict strategically to build bridges and understanding across communities and further aims of justice and equality. Previously, Eric worked several years running a canvass office for a national non-profit issue-based advocacy organization where he mobilized public support for several key progressive policy wins and was repeatedly recognized as one of the top fundraisers in the nation.

Eric is thrilled to be at Backbone amplifying engagement among communities and social movements helping to unleash the power of passionate people, create avenues for them to live out their aspirations, and make their values visible while confronting injustices.