Thank-N-Spank Accountability


We offer this combination of tools to respectfully create a dynamic relationship between representative and constituent. Download these FREE tools to add creativity to your citizen lobbying efforts.

We have a new forum page for you to share your Thank-N-Spank story and photos.  

For EXTRA fun and effect, consider staging a Backbone Patrol visit to the office or event of your elected official. Our Backbone Patrol Action on January 29, 2007 was featured in the March 2007 episode of LibertyNewsTV (minute 9:28). Don't miss the especially entertaining song and dance routine dedicated to Senator Joseph Lieberman found below.

"Thank" = Spine "Thank You" Cards
Download Options:
One page Faxable form
Spine Postcards (2-per page) mail or hand deliver.
Large Format Spine Cards for office visits and special occasions.

Use Spine Cards to encourage and thank your representatives. It is often most effective to thank them for one action/vote, and follow that with a request. Print Spine Cards on cardstock or normal paper then mail, fax, email or hand deliver them to your elected representatives. Urge them to demonstrate the strength of their backbone and their commitment to progressive values. Remember these are the "Carrot," and the Spineless Citations the "Stick," so please keep these positive.
You can look up the address for your current member of Congress at Project Vote Smart:
We recommend sending all "snail mail" to their LOCAL OFFICES.

This Backbone Campaign "Spine" cards are a reproduction of a linoleum print by Vashon Island, WA artist Kim Newall. Thank you, Kim!
"Spank" = Spineless Citations
See other side

Download Options:
One page Faxable form
Emailable Word.doc form
2-per page postcard for reprinting on cardstock: front and back.

Directions for Issuing "Spineless Citations":
The Backbone Campaign and progressives around the country work hard to get progressive language into local, state, and national platforms; candidates often run as progressives to get grassroots support. The Spineless Citation is a tool to help citizens hold elected officials accountable to their platforms and promises.

Amplify your voice by providing us with the information necessary to fill out the form and we'll try to include your suggestions, along with those from others around the country in our periodic alerts. Anyone can send suggestions for Spineless Citations or Spine Cards to: [email protected].

Also, please encourage your friends and the progressive organizations you belong to use our creative accountability tools as well.

The Backbone Campaign would like to thank Shanna and Jason Sawatzki for the Spineless Citation idea and design and Cathy Fulton for her many alterations. These citations are fun, attention-getting, and demonstrate the creative expansion of citizenship that we hope to foster through the Backbone Campaign.