Deploy Baby Trump in Your City!

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The UK artful activists who designed and deployed the Baby Trump inspired us. So we got in touch with the Trump Baby UK team. We were psyched when some folks contacted us saying that they had independently commissioned a Baby Trump for us and were loaning it to Backbone Campaign! 

It takes A LOT of organizing energy and resources for helium and transport, so please help us to make the most of this incredible gift by partnering with us to organize an appearance in your city. 

We now have teams assembled and the resources to deploy it in here in the Western US! Most recently, in California for President Trump's visits to the Bay Area and San Diego.

This image requires approximately $2000 for helium alone. We do everything we can to conserve it, but that requires budget for transportation and organizer time to make deployments safe and successful -- if you are able, pitch in to the "Diaper Trump" Action Fund.