Carlo Voli CSO

Carlo Voli works full-time devoting his energy, focus, and direct action organizing experience in support of Mother Nature. Sustain his crucial work by contributing today - Click HERE

ShellNo_Best_in_Port_Angeles_small.jpegCarlo Voli is a well-known and respected community organizer in  the Edmonds/Seattle area. He became a climate and environmental justice activist in 2011 after years as a sustainability and community solar advocate. Carlo helped establish the Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative, the first fully citizen-owned community solar cooperative in Washington State, and since getting arrested outside the White House in August 2011 protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, has been involved in community organizing and taking part in direct actions to stop extreme energy projects and prevent the Pacific Northwest from becoming a fossil fuel corridor. (read more about Carlo’s work in the last few years)

Carlo launched himself as an autonomous CSO back in May 2014 and has had a tremendously positive response from his personal networks that has allowed him to continue doing his impressive work for climate action, environmental sustainability, and on behalf the earth. (Check out this story about Carlo on NPR)

Personal statement from Carlo Voli on November 30th 2014:

“I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received in the last 6 months from over 40 friends and supporters of my CSO program that has allowed me to keep offering my full-time focus, my energy, and my total commitment to working on some of the crucial issues of our very critical times.

I have a very deep admiration for Backbone Campaign—their artful activism, their empowering of grassroots groups across the country, their trainings and action camps, and the loving and positive spirit in which they do it all. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with them on many occasions in the last few years, and it’s been a real pleasure. I really appreciate the opportunity to be associated with them whilst still remaining fully autonomous in my work through this CSO program. If you would like to also support my work, you can contribute online here. Thank you so much!”

img_0266.jpgBack in May 2014 I decided to become an autonomous Community Supported Organizer (CSO). This is a concept developed by the Backbone Campaign because they know that in communities across the country there are people like me doing incredibly important full-time work who are not getting paid for it, and we need our communities to help us continue that work while still taking care of our basic needs.

To support my work for climate justice, environmental sustainability, and on behalf the earth, you can contribute online here(smaller monthly contributions are especially helpful to make this sustainable)

With your support I can keep offering my full-time focus, my energy, and my total commitment to this vital work. And by supporting me, you will also help leverage the concept of CSOs, so that others around the region and the country—people with great experience and skills, can also become CSOs and keep working on the crucial issues of our very critical times.

You will receive a receipt at the end of the year that you will be able to use for tax purposes (Backbone is a tax-deductible organization). I will send you a quarterly update of what I’ve been up to and what I have accomplished, and if you are in the Seattle area, I’m holding quarterly informal social gatherings at my place and I would love for you to attend.

Thank you so much!
For Mother Nature,

-Backbone Campaign is acting as a fiscal sponsor and, for accountability purposes, will be administering the funds. If you would like more details about this, or would like info on how to send a check, contact me at I appreciate the opportunity to be associated with them whilst still remaining fully autonomous in my work.

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