Together, we can amplify progressive values and a vision for a just and beautiful future.

When the People Lead, the Leaders Follow!

That's why Backbone Campaign does everything we can to help We the People deliver beautiful, enrolling messages grounded in life-affirming values that appeal to the best in people. We partner with allies on important campaigns like the restoration of salmon in the Pacific NW, zero emission freight transport around the country, and many other causes. We also gear up communities with tools and skills they need to take a stand on issues that matter to us all

Your tax-deductible donation not only propels Backbone-led actions, it also puts banners, spotlights and giant props into the hands of regular people standing up to protect the people, communities, and planet they love.

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Backbone is grounded in a philosophy of generosity. We know that our generosity inspires yours, which in turn inspires the generosity of others. Keep this virtuous cycle turning by partnering with us to propel progressive values and celebrate a progressive vision for a just and beautiful future. 

Forward Together!