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Do you want a new tool to amplify your racial justice work?

Debut of the \SURJ is teaming up with the artful activism and movement-building group the Backbone Campaign to make this great resource available to you: the "#BeyondDenial: Racism is the Elephant in the Room" toolkit. Already, it has been mobilized with great success in Seattle, Portland, Denver, Bremerton, Spokane, and now we'd like to offer it to you. 

Bring the "#BeyondDenial: Racism is the Elephant" Action-in-a-Box to your community - Click HERE!

Backbone and SURJ have designed this toolkit so you have most of the imagery and physical resources needed to mobilize it in a local action (minus the furniture for the Elephant's living room). Your chapter or community would organize local people to fill the roles needed to manifest the action, collaborate with other local groups working on these issues and be responsible for timely shipping it to the next destination. We're scheduling stops across the country about every 3 weeks, so contact us now to get your community's appearance of the "#BeyondDenial - Racism is the Elephant in the Room" on our calendar.

Use this toolkit to:
  • Hold law enforcement accountable with an appearance outside your police station
  • Convene a community dialogue on racial justice and white privilege
  • Outreach to the public and recruit new friends and allies for future actions
  • Draw attention to the Movement For Black Lives platform
  • and more. 

Let us know you're interested by filling out the quick form linked below and include some dates you have in mind. Start thinking now about who you would invite to collaborate with you in your community.

More info on the debut of the Elephant in the Room action HERE.

We're looking forward to collaborating with you,

-Eric, Jo, SURJ and Backbone Campaign