Summer Street Heat

From Vermont to Detroit, Glasgow to Seattle, Lewiston to Portland - and many points between - Backbone has been training activists in projection, inflatables, kayaktivism, and bannering - and amplifying policies that make a material difference in people's lives. This issue of The Spinal Column (our quarterly e-newsletter) features a few of the highlights from the last couple of months.

Stop Salmon and Orca Extinction 

Backbone is leading overpass banner events across the PNW to tell commuters, pedestrians and travelers that we are running out of time for taking action to stop extinction of wild salmon and Southern Resident orca.  Recently, we collaborated with Snake River Savers for a flotilla in Seattle.  Our Solutionary Rail project continues its deep dive into how rail is a viable alternative to barging wheat on the Snake River, and that a rural rail renaissance could happen in SE Washington, benefitting farmers, passengers, green energy, and all who want to protect and restore our keystone species and the endangered Southern Residents.

Kayaktivism Training in Scotland

Bill was in Europe with family last month and took a detour on his way home to train climate activists in kayaktivism! They successfully and safely pulled off a banner lift outside of Aberdeen in the North Sea.  Stay tuned for more on these trainings and tactics-/strategy-sharing sessions.


Life Over Lithium

Backbone partnered with Mighty Earth to stand in solidarity with indigenous nations and say no to greenwashing and dirty steel.  Our Minnesota Solidarity Brigade traveled to Detroit to project on the GM Headquarters. For more info on dirty steel and EV impacts on indigenous rights, check out the June 2023 Report on GM Greenwashing.

Forest Defense is Climate Defense - Stop Clearcutting the Climate!

Backbone's hand painted Globe traveled to Vermont to deliver a critical message to Secretary Vilsack and Senators Peter Welch and Bernie Sanders  - Climate Forests are Worth More Standing!

Residents of Burlington took the streets for a rally, march and tree theater, in support of protections for climate forests  - including local ecosystems like Telephone Gap.


Racial Justice is Climate Justice

Backbone supported a projection in solidarity with BLM-LA, outside the BET Awards in June, to #StopCopCity.  If you haven't yet heard about this police military base (training police in urban warfare against activists, particularly BIPOC allies) just outside of Atlanta in the Weelaunee Forest - and the urgency to stop it, learn more at StopCop.City.  Additional projections will be happening soon in the DC area, as well as Atlanta.


For more on these actions, as well as others, check out our Recent Actions page.  We have recently started posting more on Instagram, so if you're on that platform, please follow Backbone Campaign there, and stay in touch!

 Why Backbone?

Bill was recently interviewed by XR Radio.  Listen to the lively discussion of Backbone's origins, strategy, and what we've accomplished over the last 20 years! 

And if you're inspired by this brand of activism, please consider chipping in with a donation HERE, or join our "Lumbar Club" by signing up to make a small monthly contribution!  All donations are tax deductible and make this work possible, connected and beautiful!


This morning Backbone Board member Rivera Sun shared this quote that we'll leave you with: "The only genuine backbone of all our actions—if they are to be moral—is responsibility. Responsibility to the order of Being, where all our actions are indelibly recorded and where, and only where, they will be properly judged."

—Vaclav Havel 

We are grateful to our Board for their leadership, our supporters, our volunteers, and fellow activists who join us in the streets, for actions with Backbone!

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