Kim Marks

Training Coordinator | Areas of Training: Strategic Campaigning and Avoiding Burnout, Direct Action Planning, Blockades, NVDA, Non-traditional Allies, How to Organize Against Corporations, How to Start a Group, How to Run a Meeting, Climate Justice, Know Your Rights, Security Culture 101

Kim Marks is a grassroots organizer with twenty years of experience working on environmental and climate justice issues, alongside groups such as Earth First!, the longshoreman, Cascadia Forest Alliance, the steelworkers union, and more. Kim works with indigenous and front-line communities in the United States, Canada, and South America on climate justice issues, fighting the root causes of climate change.She currently works within the Rising Tide North American Collective, and has or does sit on the board of directors for The Civil Liberties Defense Center, Impact Personal Safety, ASJE, NFPA, and Bark. With a history of work on dozens of direct action campaigns across North America, Kim offers crucial tools to fellow activists through trainings such as Know Your Rights, Strategic Campaigning, Non-Violent Direct Action, False Solutions to Climate Change, Direct Action 101, and more. Organizations such as Greenpeace, Forest Ethics, and Rainforest Action Network have brought Kim in to work on campaigns and/or lead trainings for their groups.

Affiliated Organization: Rising Tide, Civil Liberties Defence Center, Greenpeace, Backbone Campaign