Spinal Column - July 2022

When We Fight, We Win! It's been a full Spring and Summer, and we wanted to give you an update on what your support has meant. Our biggest lean in this year (building on previous years' work) is on the campaign to restore the Snake River and stop the extinction of wild salmon and Southern Resident orca. As part of a grassroots coalition, we are working hard to let our policymakers feel the urgency of real salmon restoration, that is science based and that follows the lead of NW Tribes. Continue reading

Spinal Column - March 2022

"Ready, Set, ACTION!"  Artful Activism Update Continue reading

Spinal Column October 2021

Last week was one of the busiest in Backbone's 18 year history: Continue reading

Backbone In the News: An Upstream Paddle To Save the Salmon

Check out the article in In These Times, featuring the Rally for the River kayaktivism event on August 7th! https://inthesetimes.com/article/salmon-dam-removal-lower-snake-river-treaty-rights-washington-state-northwest     Continue reading

Spinal Column August 2021

"Action is the antidote to despair."  ~ Joan Baez We continue to live in challenging times, on so many fronts. One way to rise up out of feelings of hopelessness is to take action on a cause you care about. We invite you to collaborate with Backbone on using props that get attention and results. Reach out and let us know your ideas! For inspiration, check out Recent Actions. Read on for some ways folks are taking action, using creative props and principled action: Biden + Chase: No Money for Fossil Fuels What kind of ancestors will we be, 7 generations from now?  That is the question organizers of the Pennsylvania-Delaware 180-mile Walk for Our Grandchildren & Mother Earth, asked. They used one of Backbone's inflatable pipelines for actions along the route, to call for an end to funding fossil fuel projects. Props like these can deliver visual interest to your action. Contact Backbone today to reserve Imagery. Continue reading

The Race to Save the World

A powerful climate change documentary, THE RACE TO SAVE THE WORLD, illuminates the human stories in the fight for climate action. Rather than focusing on scary statistics and abstract predictions, the feature follows a range of environmental campaigners, of all ages, who are prepared to sacrifice everything in order to save the world.  Continue reading

Spinal Column April 2021: From Front Line Actions to Solutionary Organizing

We know it's been awhile since you last got an update. A lot has been happening, and we'll try and summarize it here! Backbone is featured in an award-winning documentary, just released on Earth Day. Buy a ticket/Watch: TheRaceToSaveTheWorld.com. Continue reading

Shining Lights in Solidarity, for Change that Makes a Difference

Thank you for locking arms with Backbone as we rise up to help communities navigate this difficult year. We hope you will RSVP for this Saturday's 17th Birthday Celebration with awesome special guests, including YOU! Backbone HQ has been especially busy this last month, juggling action design, training, and getting visibility tools to progressive struggles across the US.  Here are some of the creative actions we've been part of in just the last 3 weeks: Continue reading

Bon Courage!

The trials of this extraordinary time have been many, yet this moment of anticipation and preparation feels more challenging than any before it. To me, the battle is not about candidates or an election - but the limits of hate and power of love. It is up to us to make sure that there actually is an arch in the American story that truly bends toward love and that is inseparable from justice.  Continue reading