Office Manager: Judy Olson

judy.jpgJudy (AT)

Judy comes to Backbone as a recent retiree, with 26 years of small business ownership and management experience.  The “dumbest president ever” is responsible for her involvement in the progressive movement.  In ’04 and ’05, she served as the treasurer and membership chairman for the Seattle Green Party.  In ’06, she was one of the founders of the Dirty Hands Co-op – a group of 20 families organized to collect used cooking oil from  Seattle restaurants in order to “brew” their own biodiesel.  She served for five years as the treasurer of Dirty Hands.  In ’07 she was active in the counter-recruitment movement, doing educational tabling work at Cleveland High School, when the military recruiters were present.  She is delighted to be working with people who are dedicated to progressive change.