Amidst the most divisive and dangerous time most of us have ever witnessed, I still believe that Love Wins and I see signs that appealing to the best in people is how we persevere over the forces that appeal to the very worst.

This fall, while holding a giant “Stop Kavanaugh” banner above rush hour traffic at an I-90 overpass in Spokane, Backbone supporter and friend Terry Lawhead exuberantly shouted, “Only connect!” I looked to him seeking elaboration. “It’s an E.M. Forster quote!” he clarified from the other end of the banner. “We are connecting with these people!” 

While our adversaries’ grand strategy is to divide, ours must be to connect

Backbone Campaign is a biological metaphor about connection: connecting the issues we care about; connecting issues to core values; and connecting those values to bold, principled action. The genius of all of our tools -- from freeway banners to light projection to orca murals to kayaktivism -- is that they foster connection.

Will you make a donation that gets these tools into the hands of even more change agents?

With your support, Backbone props and resources will help build a real democracy that works for everyone

In 2019, our program priorities are:OrcaCampaign-Nov2018-small500px.gif

  • Save the beloved orca of Puget Sound through dam removal, 
  • Propel Solutionary Rail forward, and
  • Expand our Solidarity Brigade network of artful activist squads

Saving the Southern Resident Orca can be set in motion in the coming months. By removing the Lower Snake River dams, the river will flow like a river, the wild chinook will be restored, and the starving orca will be nourished.  Together, we can transform the once politically impossible idea of dam removal into the inevitable and necessary solution we know it to be.

Solutionary Rail is about getting our just transition off fossil fuels on track. Solutionary Rail is an amazing vehicle for conversation and collaboration across cultural, economic, and ideological boundaries. The re-emergence of the Green New Deal and the new Sunrise Movement offer excellent venues for the common sense Solutionary Rail proposal. Please invest in our capacity to propel our Solutionary Rail campaign forward.


Solidarity Brigades are squads of artful activists trained and equipped to deploy lights, banners and props according to what's needed to speak up for democracy and justice.  In 2020, we plan to have 50 Solidarity Brigades in 50 cities across the US.  Your generosity will allow us to keep up the pace to meet that goal. In 2018, Backbone expanded our Solidarity Brigade network from 16 to 28 cities. In 2019, we will nudge that over 40. Help us deliver more creative resources to more people, expanding their capacity and visibility in the fight for life-sustaining values and recruiting others to protect what we love. Support Backbone's Solidarity Brigade program HERE.

The work we do together connects us to our best selves, each other, the planet, generations of change agents from whom we inherited this work, and future generations who will tell stories about what we did on their behalf. But we cannot do this without you. 

Will you make a donation to support artful activism that connects and makes an impact today?

Thank you for being the fuel that makes this artful activism possible and for making Backbone Campaign one of the powerful ways you make a difference.

Forward together!

Bill Moyer and Team Backbone