Pitch In to Save the Orca

Only 75 Remain

We must honor Mother Orca Tahlequah's courage, intelligence, and sacrifice by taking action so that her grief delivers real change for her pod, the Chinook salmon, and the beings of the Salish Sea.

The four Lower Snake River dams need to come out  -- the Governor and our State need to do everything they can to make communities whole -- but they need to breach the dams and get the orcas the food they urgently need.

Backbone Campaign is pivoting its creative resources to support the campaign to restore habitat for the beloved Southern Resident Orcas. 


We'll do our part by pitching in all we have to this fight. Will you do yours by pitching in below, with a donation to help fuel this work?

Together, we can save the beloved orca and see a free flowing Snake River with abundant wild salmon.

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