Organize an Action-In-a-Box?

Do you want a new tool to amplify the fight for racial justice and defeat the TPP corporate power grab?

Action in a box ToolkitsBackbone is eager to support your community with action-in-a-box toolkits for two immediately pressing issues. First is the "#BeyondDenial: Racism is the Elephant in the Room" toolkit and second is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Star Wars themed Inflatable Death Star (See below for photos). Already, they have been mobilized with great success in Seattle, Portland, Denver, Bremerton, Tacoma, Spokane, and Olympia and now we'd like to offer them to you.

Fight for Racial Justice - Bring the "#BeyondDenial: Racism is the Elephant" Action-in-a-Box to your community - Click HERE!

Defeat the TPP - Bring the Star Wars themed TPP Death Star to your Community - Click HERE!

People of color are being gunned-down by the police while structure violence perpetuates racial injustice. Despite the movement against the Trans Pacific Partnership successfully delaying it for more than four years AND compelling major presidential candidates to oppose it, big corporate interests and Obama are gearing up to push it through after the election. You are needed now more than ever to take action and build progressive social movements powerful enough to create the society we deeply yearn for. Backbone wants to make it easier than ever to activate, embolden, and inspire your community to fight for racial justice and defeat the TPP.

Backbone is building these toolkits so you have most of the imagery and physical resources needed to utilize them in a local action (minus th furniture for the Elephant's living room). Your community would still organize local people to plug them into the roles needed to manifest the action, collaborate with other local groups working on these issues and be responsible for timely shipping it to the next destination. We're scheduling stops across the country every 3 weeks, so contact us now to get your community's appearance of the "#BeyondDenial - Racism is the Elephant in the Room" and the TPP Death Star on our calendar.

Use these toolkits to:
  • Hold law enforcement accountable with an appearance outside your police station
  • Convene a community dialogue on racial justice
  • Recruit new friends and allies for future actions and doing outreach
  • Draw attention to the Movement For Black Lives platform
  • Crash your congress persons' fundraiser
  • Host a teach-in on the TPP
  • and more. 

Let us know you're interested by filling out the quick forms linked below and include some dates you have in mind. Start thinking now about who you would collaborate with in your community.

Fight for Racial Justice - Bring the "#BeyondDenial: Racism is the Elephant in the Room" Action-in-a-Box to your community - Click HERE!

Defeat the TPP - Bring the Star Wars themed TPP Death Star to your Community - Click HERE!

We're hoping to liaison with groups in your area who are leading anti-racism and Black Lives Matter work as well as groups doing solidarity work with those movements. Are there some people and organizations we should be reaching out to in particular?

Beyond Denial \

More info on the debut of the Elephant in the Room action HERE.

TPP = Betrayal rally at dem fundraiser Seattle by John Duffy Joyce Marin & Backbone Campaign

The above TPP photos are from the most recent manifestation of the TPP Death Star crashing a fundraiser Obama was attending.

We're looking forward to collaborating with you,

-Eric, Jo, and Team Backbone

PS: If you aren't ready to mobilize these actions in your community but think it's a great idea to give activists the tools they need to heal the wounds of racism and defend democracy then pitch-in today. Support the #BeyondDenial racial justice organizing tools HERE and the anti-TPP actions HERE