Stopping Traffic is a Dangerous & Powerful Tactic

The fact that a sitting president has incited domestic terrorism through his own hate speech should disqualify him from serving a term anywhere but in prison. Violent words from someone in his position result in violent deeds by his followers. Impeachment cannot occur quickly enough. So, what are the sort of actions that might be part of a campaign to say "Enough is enough!"? 

The photos linked here are from the fall of 2016 and the description provides some guidance and words of caution related to this serious and disruptive tactic. The people of Puerto Rico toppled a governor for far less than what this pathological liar Trump has perpetrated through his hateful, demagogic, xenophobic shit show over the past few years.

If there ever was a time to declare that enough is enough, now is such a time.

Freeway blockades are a powerful but dangerous tactic and need careful planning and messaging. DO NOT TREAT LIGHTLY.

Best to have at least on vehicle per lane and banner/blockade to stretch entire width of road, including shoulder. Vehicles line up (side by side) and slow down gradually together at a planned and scouted location It may help to use the police tactic of slowly swerving left and right if you can do so safely, in sync with other blockade vehicles. Best to have two cars per lane so that the rear cars stay at front of stopped traffic, are friendly and nearest the banner after front row of vehicles drive away after banner is deployed.

Banner team should be in one or more of the front row of vehicles and exit with the banner. (Practice this many times before attempting.) U-Locks around neck to banner pole can lengthen time of blockade and give negotiating power. Signage and communication with media can give context to the frustrated travelers - many of whom might sympathize with the cause, but are under normal pressures we all can relate to.

AGAIN: Vehicles and people can be deadly - so be sure that there is plenty of support for de-escalating drivers and cops. DO NOT carry any weapons, pocket knives, drugs, etc. Designate a police liaison and have no one else speak to the police. Blockaders should not have to speak with public. Have charm squad/de-escalation crew do that. Express sympathy, etc. Have a plan for emergency vehicles. Make sure supporters with clear messaging can be seen at the overpass near the planned spot and it's even better if there's access to freeway so pedestrian supporters can join the blockade.

Be very, VERY careful and take care of each other. DO NOT ever try a tactic like this without adequate support and preparation.