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Backbone's 20' box truck, aka "Sera" (short for Serendipity) is full of kayaks, giant banners, and gear, after providing solidarity support to the Free the Snake flotilla in Eastern Washington. A fuel injector line broke and the alternator is not working.

Bill is working from Lewiston, while waiting for the parts to arrive. And for a double whammy, on the way to Free the Snake, our boat trailer failed and we had to get a replacement for $1,500.

This truck made 4 trips to Standing Rock, toured the country, and has supported multiple regional actions. Our safety boat was key to our work at sHellNo and multiple other actions. These tools are essential to help us provide the logistical support our movement requires.

Today, Backbone needs your support. Please pitch in if you can so we can keep supporting the great work of frontline activists around the country. 

Cost of new trailer $1400

Cost of repairs to truck, to be able to drive it home from Lewiston ID (fuel injector line and alternator) $1500

Reserve fund for future maintenance (new tires for truck, cover for boat for winter, other maintenance) $3500

Thank you for helping to keep these assets available to our movement and actions!

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$1,225.00 raised
GOAL: $6,400.00

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