Support Artful Activism in Spokane

Spokane is one of 27 cities across the US with a light and active Backbone Solidarity Brigade!

Backbone HQ provides you, our Spokane friends, with tools to creatively get your message out -- for national causes like keeping immigrant families together to local issues like ending houselessness or stopping dangerous oil trains.  

We're all in this together and YOU can make sure more creative tools get into the hands of activists in the Inland Empire by making a donation here.

The future of this country depends on 'we the people' building the biggest movement we have ever seen.  

By contributing to Backbone, you're helping create more actions that build people power! 

Join the Lumbar Club by signing up for a monthly donation  -  donors like you contribute anywhere from $5/month to $200/month!  Whatever amount fits into your budget will be used to get training and more lights, banners, and GOBOs into the hands of change agents, taking action on the issues you care about.

Together, we'll transform crisis into opportunity and despair into hope by taking action to protect what we love. 

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