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Support #BeyondDenial Actions & Installations

Support the Elephant In The Room is Racism Art Installations & Actions!

Pitch-in today so we can bring this important art installation and conversation starter to more communities. Contrary to what Fox Faux News says, racism in the U.S is pervasive. Sometimes it takes something artistic, big and bold to illuminate how these injustices continue to manifest in the structures of our society. Only if we move #BeyondDenial can we heal together and pull our society towards the world we aspire for it to be.

Your contribution will support the hard costs of shipping and maintaining the imagery, expanding the cantastoria mural, and the mentorship and organizing support communities need to mobilize this action in the struggle for racial justice.

Thanks for playing a critical role in this important work! *

* Thank YOU for supporting the Backbone Campaign located in Vashon, WA. Backbone Campaign is registered with Washington State's Charities Program as required by law and additional information is available by calling 800-332-4483 or visiting www.sos.wa.gov/charities.