TPP Death Star

Join the Rebel Alliance in Olympia Defeat the TPP Death StarBe On the Right Side of the Galaxy, Join the Rebel Alliance to Defeat the TPP DeathStar!

The TPP Death Star is an image that Backbone feels could be sent around the country to Backbone Action Brigades in every major city. In Washington State it was showcased in Tacoma and then Olympia and gained attention from many news organizations for the issue of the Trans Pacific Partnership. It is a fun escalation of the campaign that everyone understands. Whether or not your group makes the TPP a major issue that you work on, it is an issue that affects all of us deeply. Contact us about how your group can use this awesome tool for artful activism and pull off an excellent and fun event with a portion of the hard work done. Also, make it your own by adding more costumes and special effects or adjust the story line to show how the TPP will affect your issue.

The fate of democracy may be decided by Congress as they consider passing legislation that would finalize the biggest corporate trade agreement ever brokered: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Yet, the Rebel Alliance (We the People) are amassing to ensure no more representatives slip into the darkside. We need your help to make sure the "force" is used for good!

Hop into your x-wing and draw your light saber for an epic battle against the dark force of the corporations.

From Sith Lords and Congresspersons to Chewbacca and other Rebels we're looking to cast 25+ participants into specific Star Wars roles and to help us mobilize all the imagery. Many more are coming together as a global uprising to #StoptheTPP!

CONTACT: or 360-545-3267 for details on how to get this artful activist piece to your community today!

(Right is a sample flyer used for the Tacoma and Olympia event and below are images and video that came out of it