Trainer Roster

Connect with Backbone’s network of trainers HERE!

From EarthFirst!ers innovating technical blockades and tree-sits, to community organizers building alliances between longshore workers and environmentalists, the trainers who are a part of Backbone’s network have incredible hard-won experience, amazing success stories, and are eager to help you amplify your activism.

Whether you come to our Annual Localize This! Direct Action Camp, host a workshop, are looking for mentorship, or support with action or campaign design, we’ll connect you with some of the most incredible organizers innovating and pushing the limits of creative interventions for justice.

Connect with Backbone’s network of trainers HERE!

Kim Marks

Training Coordinator | Areas of Training: Strategic Campaigning and Avoiding Burnout, Direct Action Planning, Blockades, NVDA, Non-traditional Allies, How to Organize Against Corporations, How to Start a Group, How to Run a Meeting, Climate Justice, Know Your Rights, Security Culture 101 Continue reading

Timothy Swenson

NVDA and Climbing Trainer & Grassroots Organizer | Areas of Experience: Blockades, Know Your Rights, Deep Ecology/Biocentrism, Basic Rigging including Haul Systems, Action Scouting Continue reading