Visiting Sen. Sanders Office To Share Why We Need His Healthcare Bill To Be Stronger

10 April 18: We visited Senator Sanders' office as part of the HOPE Single Payer Action Camp to share stories about how his Medicare for All bill will impact each of us and our communities. We hope that Sanders will strengthen his bill to be as strong as, or stronger than, HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act.

Watch the video testimonies that were given in Sanders office!

Mara Cohen describes the necessity of including long term care, as HR 676 does, in the Senate bill.

Phil Ateto of Backbone Campaign explains why grassroots #MedicareForAll #SinglePayer supporters need his bill to match the gold standard, #HR676.

Jody Coss, a nurse and mother, on why we need to ban for-profit facilities. When our loved ones need care, we want them in a facility that cares more about them than its bottom line.

"There is no place for for-profit health insurers in our system. They deny coverage for necessary care," says Ed Klein.

Ellen Barfield, a veteran, praises the simplicity and security of a single payer healthcare system.

Mike Pappas, who graduates from medical school in May, describes how the for-profits corrupt our current healthcare system and calls for National Improved Medicare for All, HR 676.

Kevin Zeese describes his parents' personal difficulties with Medicare as it currently is and urges Senator Sanders to improve it as outlined in HR 676.

Here is a summary chart of the differences between Sanders bill, S1804, and the healthcare gold standard, HR676.

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See more photos of the visit on Backbone's Flickr.

All photo credit to Jody Coss.