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Make your action pop with some of our props HERE!

One of the more colorful libraries you might ever encounter…

From inflatable oil pipelines, to a 12ft globe, and vulture capitalists puppets, to Overpass Light Brigade LED light panels for activist scrabble, we’ve got props! Fellow artists and activists have joined forces to create colorful imagery that have added an element of spectacle and theater to our actions over the years. Now, we’re making some of our favorites from our collection of imagery and puppets available to you and your community to borrow.

Make your action pop with some of our props HERE!!


Check out the powerful multifaceted Racial Justice action and art installation that came out of 2015's annual Localize This! Action Camp. Commit to educating yourself and others on racism and white supremacy, then take action toward racial justice and collective liberation! Bring the #BeyondDenial Elephant to your community.  Email our Imagery Coordinator.  Then Pitch In here. Read more about the "Elephant in The Room" Installation and see photos HERE Borrow this Imagery !

Mobilize a Trump Papier-Mache Bobble Head Puppet in Your Community

Resist Trump's assault on our liberties and society's slide towards tyranny. With the equivalent of a renegade corporation at the helm of the highest office in the land, we've got to pull out all the stops. Bring this hand-made prop to your protest and actions. Draw media attention to your cause, catalyze your community to action. Don this custom sculpted papier-mache bobble head puppet with a jailbird suit, tiny hands, twitter birds, a golden shower, and more. Borrow this Imagery !

12ft inflatable Earth / Globe

Behold, a 3D, giant, inflatable, beautiful and highly detailed representation of big blue. This eye-catching imagery can be rented or borrowed for your community! Borrow this Imagery !

We The People Constitution Preamble Prop

Assert your campaign's moral leadership and broadcast your community's values with this massive and interactive prop.  Borrow this Imagery !

Inflatable Pipeline

Rent or borrow this awesome, portable, compact, and lightweight pipeline prop that fully inflates in about a minute. Borrow this Imagery !

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