Solidarity Brigades

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We're excited for you to lock-arms with other organizers and activists. Become an ambassador for artful activism!

  • Learn more about the impact of the creative tactics the Solidarity Brigades are deploying.

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  • Potluck & Awake: a Dream from Standing Rock

    Let's get together for fun and connecting!  Backbone is hosting a monthly potluck on Vashon, and the first will be Saturday, June 3rd (future gatherings may be on a different day of the week).  

    For this first one, we'll show Josh Fox's newest film "Awake: a Dream from Standing Rock." awake.jpg

    Please bring a dish/drink to share and plate/eating utensils.


    5 pm - gather for community and food

    5:30 - intros and reports

    5:45 - AWAKE screening

    7:15 - closing

    RSVP below so we know you're coming!



  • 2017 Localize This! Action Camp

    • Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 08:00 AM – August 01, 2017
    • Vashon Island, WA in Vashon, WA
    RSVP to let us know you're interested in coming to action campLocalize This! is YOUR destination to explore Creative Direct Action Tactics and Effective Organizing Strategies

    The 2017 Localize This! Action Camp is Tuesday July 25th through August 1st, on Vashon Island, WA (across the water from Seattle).

    • Lock arms with passionate action-oriented change agents from across the country.

    • Dive into a week of intensive training, strategizing, learning, and sharing of victory stories with some of the movements most effective organizers.

    • Take action before everything we value or hold as sacred is extracted, exploited, and extinguished.

    What started out as training ground for a community's fight to stop a transnational corporation's environmental destruction has turned into an annual celebration of some of the best our movements for justice have to offer (2017 is our 9th year).

    Action Camp workshops are primarily based on skill-building with concentrations on artful activism, non-violent direct action tactics (like body, technical, aerial, and tripod blockades), community organizing, climbing, kayaktivism, anti-oppression practices, forming affinity groups and designing creative actions that build pressure on decision-makers and create liberated spaces. Participants explore social change strategies that earn media and build power for campaigns focusing on efforts outside of the traditional channels of redress beyond the realm of electoral politics.

    Cost: Sliding-Scale with limited scholarships available.

    We're excited to learn and skill-up together. RSVP TODAY!

    First, RSVP on this event page. Then, make sure to fill out the application on the following page. Please submit your application by Saturday June 24th. We will contact you about acceptance to camp before June 30th.
  • For Your Consideration...

    • Friday, March 09, 2018 at 12:00 PM
    • RSVP to receive the weekly email notice

    Welcome to the For Your Consideration... weekly email notice of social and political action steps! 

    The weekly notice contains a number of action steps you can take:  calling members of Congress, visits to town hall meetings and petitions to sign, all in response to current executive orders and pending legislation.   Action steps are organized by issues so you can quickly locate opportunities for action on the issues most important to you.

    Oriented to our home town of Vashon, Wa, we showcase many local groups taking action for social change and to protect our hard won progressive rights.  Here you can join a group or join a rally!

    Raise your voice in synchronization with ours - create an impact - make a difference!

    Thanks for your consideration...