Team Backbone

Everything Backbone does emerges from the collaboration with many ordinary people offering up their gifts, talents, and passion. It takes many hands and the collective genius and creativity of many generous collaborators to manifest the uplifting and invigorating actions you see earning headlines and enticing people to action. Danny Obrien practically works full-time managing our social media. Laura Daughenbaugh has built and painted numerous giant banners. Lisa Marcus is one of the most gifted ambassadors of artful activism. Rod Tharp is innovating inflatable imagery and kite bannering. Denise Henriksen is gifted at integrating beauty and heart into community animation. Jeff Dunnicliff is a tireless documentarian and sage. These people and many others make up the extended family of Team Backbone which is growing and full of some of the most wonderful people you might ever be privileged to meet. What ties them together is their hopeful vision and the desire that others find the sense of meaning, purpose, and joy that comes from investing your heart and passion in positive social transformation. Will you join them? Click HERE

Read some highlights of the contributions made by members of Team Backbone's extended family.

Staff & Board Members