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"When I began down this path there was no way for me to truly see what kind of opposition I would be up against, no matter how many books I had read or whom I had spoken with. In fact, not that long ago I was still under the belief that earning a degree from a prestigious university would all but guarantee that I would not be impoverished. I also had the false belief that being well connected and respected in the community and within the political scene that standing up for what is right, by the people and for the cause of justice, would prevent me from being thrown behind bars. But, I was wrong on both counts.

"The work that I have done in the community and now living in a very conservative and racist state have all but completely barred me from accessing gainful employment in this capitalist, consumerist, corporate economy. I even tried to get a position as a truck un-loader at Walmart−the enemy, I know, but my options are that bad−but they rejected me because of the background check that revealed me having been arrested at a Black Lives Matter march and at Standing Rock. At first, it was a blow to my ego because not even a corrupt corporation 'wanted' me, but then I had to chuckle to myself because I am too much of a rabble-rouser for a corrupt corporation to let me in to stir up a commotion with their employees. It makes perfect sense because corporate Amerika should fear me. Yet, I still need to eat and I have rent to pay, and living within this system, even though I am actively working to change it, I still must survive in order to accomplish that."

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"I wrote about getting people who tend to be marginalized and disenfranchised organized and engaged in the political process at all levels, from school boards, to committees and commissions, chambers of commerce, and elected positions. This process will involve teach-ins, discussions, and the development of a shared critical analysis of the systems and structures of power in our lives and society. The premise and the goal of this particular strategy is to foster more representative outcomes from the political process by having more people from diverse backgrounds participating in decision making that tends to happen without any of our input. As a CSO I am able to do this work.

DrawTheLine.jpg"After graduating college and with the host of skills and talents I have I thought for sure I thought I would be gainfully employable. That however, has not been the case for me. What has happened is that I have been volunteering all of these skills and talents I have to see that our communities and the world we live in will become a better place. I am a hip-hop artist, poet, historian, philosopher, strategist, photographer, video producer, graphic designer, writer, teacher, and so on. 

"I believe that to achieve our goals it will take our community working together, sharing information and strategies, and standing together in the struggle for justice.

"I currently collaborate with an organization named Justice that Works (JTW) on a prison divestment/community investment project in Arizona. The first leg of our campaign will be focusing on Student Resource Officers (SRO) who are police officers in the public schools as means to deconstruct a vital point-of-contact in the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Then we will begin working on legislation to address the Truth-In-Sentencing laws to address the amount of time prisoners are incarcerated. Then we will focus on the public and private investments into the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC).

"Much of this will require vast changes in value and belief systems, which are factors of culture, so we are seeking a major shift in the culture of punishment that has developed in the society of the United States. Almost in line with the two previous campaigns is that I am developing a curriculum about decolonization of mind and body to help people to develop a critical analysis of themselves and of the systems we live in. This curriculum will be offered as a series of workshops to many groups. All of this requires a lot of time, thought, planning, organizing, securing locations, locations, and childcare, and supplies. We are hoping to achieve a shift in culture and to encourage the growth of a shared analysis.

"Thank you for your support of my work."


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