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In this era of unrepresentative government, democracy for the highest bidder, and a gridlock of injustice, the pace of positive change can be agonizing. As articulate your argument, as brilliant your solution, and as incomprehensible the injustice, our best guess is it’s going to take more. We’ve also got to build power if we’re going to bring forth the brighter future we envision. Those holding the reigns over policies and resources need to know that we’re not going to back down, that we want more than crumbs, hollow words, or to be placated. They need to see more people from a broad spectrum of society being drawn to our cause and compelled to action.

From our annual week-long activism training camp to individual workshops and mentorship, trainers in Backbone’s network will help you design creative interventions that keep the news cameras captivated and get more people activated.
  • Learn more about escalating tactics of a campaign and building non-traditional alliances.
  • Need more stick than carrot? Better "Know Your Rights" and get training in Non-Violent Direct Action and Blockades.

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