Fremont Friday April 14th - Stitch Together, the World We Want!

Build Inflatable Puppets, Celebrate Earth Day!

Learn how to make Giant Inflatable Puppets for Progressive causes like our Salmon and Orca from this Protect Our Salish Sea, Don't Defund the EPA Rally!

Join Backbone Campaign for a rare opportunity to explore Inflatable Puppet Building at this Community Workshop and Art Build.

Stitchers and Artists of Backbone Campaign's Builder's Guild have been innovating the creation of fan-driven inflatable puppets for progressive causes. We invite you to an evening of community building, sharing of stitching and design skills, and exploring the evolution of our process for making inflatable imagery!

We aim to stitch together, in time for the week of Earth Day, one or more light-weight Inflatable fan-driven Earth Globes.

By the end of the workshop, we hope that new and veteran stitchers will gain experience with the process and want to join our team of stitchers helping to make awesome inflatable imagery into the future.

NEVER SEWN BEFORE? - Not a problem. If there is interest we are happy to offer a stitching 101 training as well! Text/Call Eric at 805-776-3882 or email [email protected]. Also, there is plenty of help needed if stitching isn't you're cup of tea :-).

Supplies you can bring:

  • Headlamps for improved visibility. (Bring an extra to share if you have one). 
  • Eyeglasses or magnifying glasses if it improves your eyesight.
  • Spring, trigger, or screw clamps for holding fabrics in place.
  • If you want to bring your home sewing machine we welcome you to do so. We'll be using both industrial size 20 needles on 1-2 industrial machines and also have a few size 18 needles for home sewing machines (you may want to check with your manufacturer if it can use the size 18 needles designed for home machines). We're using T-90 polyester thread on 200 denier Oxford Nylon fabric. 

Special thanks to Rod, Laura, Riki, Rob, Kelly, Doc and the many volunteers who've been instrumental to expanding this exciting frontier of artful activism!

  • No skills necessary.
  • Dress for a slight mess, and warmer wear (the space can be a bit cool).
  • Feel free to bring snacks or beverages to share.
  • Bring any extra brown paper shopping bags, any spare adult-sized football/lacrosse/baseball batting/motorcycle helmets, or clean plastic screw-top containers.

Accessible by bus, street parking available, wheelchair accessible. See you there!

PS: **** PAINTERS ARE NEEDED to make a more beautiful world! We want to know if you have any painting experience or availability to help between the 28th of March and the 10th of April. We're having a painting marathon on Vashon Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 7th, 8th, and 9th of April. We have an ambitious plan to paint scenery on over 300 square feet of fabric for this upcoming inflatable puppet sewing workshop. We're aiming to make two new 10-foot inflatable Earth Globes. Please Text/Call Eric at 805-776-3882 or email [email protected].


  • April 05, 2017 at 5:00pm – 9:30pm
  • Freemont Arts Council's Powerhouse
    3940 Fremont Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98103
    United States
    Google map and directions
  • Eric Ross


Will you come?