A.G. Bob Ferguson: Our First Line of Defense

We are proud to present the 2019 Backbone Award: "Our First Line of Defense" to Attorney General Bob Ferguson for his unwavering commitment to the people of Washington State in addressing corruption in our politics. Continue reading

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: Our Champion, Leading with Vision

"On behalf of the Backbone Campaign we present you, Congresswoman Jayapal with this 2019 Backbone Award for being Our Champion and Leading with Vision!" On September 28th, 2019 Backbone Board co-chairs Mary Lou Finley and Jim Farrell made the presentation to Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal's representative during our 2019 Backbone Awards & Solutionary Gala.  The following week, Executive director Bill Moyer was able to re-present the award directly to the Congresswoman (video below).  Continue reading

Phil Ateto: Free Speech Champion

We are proud to present our 2019 Backbone Award: "Free Speech Champion" to Phil Ateto for his courage, generosity and solidarity. His calm clear resolve in the face of adversity and enthusiastic encouragement inspires us all. Phil is very active in the DC area, exercising his rights to free speech and demonstration, calling out injustice and bringing it to the forefront of social consciousness. He enrolls inspired people into cause,s hosting trainings in effective, high-vis demonstration tactics. Ever inviting and inclusive, Phil is a mentor and friend dedicated to preserving human rights and fighting injustice.  Phil leads the Backbone Solidarity Brigades, squads of activists tooled up in lights, banners, props and gear, so that communities can take action to protect what they love.  Continue reading

Michelle Seidelman: Protecting the Sacred

We are honored to present our 2019 Backbone Award:"Protecting the Sacred" to Michelle Seidelman for her relentless commitment in supporting the survival of the Southern Resident Orcas. Michelle works nonstop to support the endangered Southern Resident Orca and is a leader in the fight to breach the dams and restore the Lower Snake River. Michelle and her team are on the freeway overpasses each week, with over 75 actions so far. She and her husband founded the Portland chapter of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Check out/JOIN the Orca Oracle Bus they created HERE. Continue reading

Dr. David McLanahan: Lifetime Achievement Award

At our Solutionary Gala earlier this fall, in addition to presenting Backbone Awards to 3 activists and 2 elected officials, we were deeply honored to present a Backbone Award for Lifetime Achievement to Dr. David McLanahan. Backbone ED Bill Moyer presented the Award to David for his "lifetime of bold action and broad impact in supporting the wellness of all human beings in all walks of life through unwavering dedicated compassion." Dr. David McLanahan's story is truly remarkable and an inspiration, spanning at least six decades of activism. He is living testimony that what we do with our time and how we spend it matters; this time is sacred.     Continue reading

Alessandra Mondolfi: Virtuosic Artful Activism

We are honored to present the 2019 Backbone Award: "Virtuosic Artful Activism" to Alessandra Mondolfi. She is ever raising the bar for beauty and truth, facing fear with courage and determination. Alessandra's compelling art universally engages people and inspires deeper action. This past year, she brought media attention to Homestead (the for-profit prison caging child asylum seekers), bringing politicians, presidential candidates, and people all over the country to call for its shutdown. It was announced this week that Homestead will be shutting down entirely at the end of next month! Thank you, Alessandra, for your relentless work and dedication. Alessandra is a Backbone Community Supported Organizer; you can support her creative work with a one time or monthly contribution that will help her pay for supplies, travel, and other costs of being a full time activist.  Make a tax-deductible contribution HERE. Continue reading

Awards Dinner & Solutionary Gala 2019

At this years Awards Dinner & Solutionary Gala, we were honored to present our activist heroes with Backbone Awards, and ramp up our "yes campaign": Solutionary Rail. We are deeply grateful to everyone who came and and celebrated this special evening with us! Continue reading