D.I.Y. Creative Tactics

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Creative interventions by land, sea, and air, by night or day!

Gene Sharp cataloged 198 methods of Nonviolent Action, you could try them all, but why not start with some of these fun and replicable tactics for getting noticed? From Kayaktivism to Giant Overpass Bannering, and Guerrilla Light Projection spice up your campaigns with some flashy actions that don’t end with you in a pair of zip ties.

After supporting hundreds of actions each year, we carved out a bit of time to share with you some how-to’s and resource guides for some of our favorite low-risk high-visibility tactics.

Make a bigger splash with Creative Tactics HERE!

Projection as Protest

Light Projection is easy, fun, and a great way to raise the visibility of an issue! Check out this great How To video to get started using this tactic. Mobilize This D.I.Y Tactic !

Giant Banner Building

Freeway Bannering Is An Easy & Effective Way to Spread Your Message! Freeway bannering is a powerful tool for activists. It's inexpensive, most of the required materials are reusable, and it's an effective way to reach thousands, even tens of thousands, of people in a short period of time. It is also a powerful way to literally stand by your message. Mobilize This D.I.Y Tactic !

Backbone Activist Toolkit

Want to enhance your actions?Think your meetings could be more productive?Want some legal tips for your new members? Download your copy of our 2014 Activist Toolkit. Mobilize This D.I.Y Tactic !

Flash Mobs!

Flash mobs can be a fun and engaging tactic that enhances and moves your campaign forward or simple fun and charge up your group. Mobilize This D.I.Y Tactic !

Bird Dogging

What is "Bird-Dogging" & How to Do It bird-dog also bird·dog (bûrddôg, -dg) v. bird-dogged, bird-dog·ging, bird-dogs Informal v.intr. To follow a subject of interest, such as a person or trend, with persistent attention.   Mobilize This D.I.Y Tactic !

Building A Papier-mache Puppet

Building A Papier-mâché Puppet Mobilize This D.I.Y Tactic !

Orca Horns

Backbone learned this design from instrument builder/inventor Ela Lamblin of http://LelaVision.com People have LOVED building and playing these at whatever event we've used them. Any action they'll support is guaranteed to be yet more epic. Mobilize This D.I.Y Tactic !

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