Backbone Campaign Board of Directors

Yvette Arellano

Yvette Arellano of Houston, Texas. Founder, Fenceline Watch; Board member, the Center for International Environmental Law, Backbone Campaign, Greenlatinos, and Peak Plastic Foundation. They/them pronouns Continue reading

Mary Lou Finley

Mary Lou Finley served on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s staff in Chicago in the mid-1960s.  She is a sociologist and Professor Emeritus at Antioch University Seattle and a lifelong activist on social justice issues.   She is the co-author with Bill Moyer and two others of Doing Democracy:  The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements, and she is a co-editor of The Chicago Freedom Movement:  Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights Activism in the Northwith Bernard LaFayette, Jr., James R. Ralph Jr. and Pam Smith. She is a co-founder of the Addie Wyatt Center for Nonviolence Training—Chicago, a certified Kingian Nonviolence trainer, and has been conducting classes and workshops on nonviolence and social movements for many years.  

Blake Kremer

Blake Kremer is a Washington State Attorney noted for his trial work on behalf of peace activists and environmental activists, in both federal and state courts.  Primarily a personal injury practitioner, Blake takes on advocacy work for victims of crimes, children with HIV/AIDS, the state Bar, a transitional program for women leaving prison, and a hospice program among other causes.   Blake is frequently called on to speak about constitutional rights.  In his spare time Blake loves to ski with his wife and take interpreters to the driveway of home improvement stores to meet with immigrants and explain to them their constitutional rights.  Continue reading

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee is the Project Manager for the James Lawson Institute. Additionally, he has been a member of the Move to Amend National Leadership Team since March of 2012. (Move to Amend is a partner with the Backbone Campaign.) An active member of Occupy Los Angeles and InterOccupy, Daniel has participated in Occupy encampments across the country as well as done community organizing locally in Los Angeles.   Continue reading

David McLanahan

David McLanahan spent two months working at the Civilian Hospital in Danang, Vietnam, as a third year medical student in 1966, a life-defining experience. After medical school he moved to NYC and co-founded the Franz Fanon Health Collective, an activist group of 12 health care workers involved in many social justice causes – anti-war, anti-racism, disability rights, and workers’ rights.   Continue reading

Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

Selected as one of the 50 People You’ll Be Talking About in 2016, Anthony K. Rogers-Wright has over 10 years of policy analysis, community organizing and outreach/advocacy experience. While serving as a policy analyst for various environmental consulting firms in California and Colorado, he specialized in land use, Clean Air Act and environmental justice compliance. He has used his organizing and outreach experience to advocate for a variety of social justice campaigns including affordable health care access, income inequality and civil rights for LGBT citizens.  Continue reading

Jeffrey Snyder

Jeff Snyder’s activism has spanned five decades. He became active in the anti-Vietnam War movement following the Kent State shootings in 1970 and continued that activism throughout the ‘70s. In protest against the US supported Contra War in Nicaragua, Jeff traveled to Nicaragua in 1988 as a member of the Olympia to Nicaragua Construction Brigade, and upon his return, he co-founded the Thurston-Santo Tomas Sister County Association.    Continue reading

Rivera Sun

Activist/Author Rivera Sun writes social justice novels (The Dandelion Insurrection, The Way Between, and more). She is a nationwide trainer in strategy for nonviolent movements. She is the editor of Nonviolence News, and was the cohost of two radio shows syndicated on the Pacifica Network. Her essays on movements are syndicated by Peace Voice and published in hundreds of journals. Rivera also serves on the advisory board of World Beyond War.