Solidarity Brigades

Use creative communication tools for social and environmental justicePhilProjectingStateHouse.jpg

Lift up your local community’s work

Connect with a network of fellow Action-Oriented Organizers

Join the Backbone Solidarity Brigade network of autonomous multi-affiliated affinity groups deploying artful activist tactics in solidarity with local and national causes.   


The tools and capacity we share with communities include: 

Artful Activism props like Trump Bobble Heads; a 16’ Racism-is-the-Elephant-in-the-Room inflatable elephant; a 28’ 28th Amendment & 210’ Constitution Preamble celebrating “We the People” (juxtaposed to “We the Corporations”) to end Corporate Personhood; fleet of inflatables, including globes, salmon, orca, pipeline. Sign up to borrow imagery here.

Banner kits with changeable messages and lettering, so groups can get their message out during day time traffic commutes, at marches, and other spots - loudly, in a highly visible way. Order yours by clicking here.

Night time visibility tools - light projections on buildings using GOBOs and LED light panels to spell out a message on a freeway overpass, the side of a building, or other visible location.

Engage with Backbone Campaign in the praxis of artful activism and reflection of collective purpose, goals, strategy and vision.

Join a Solidarity Brigade near you or start your own by visiting their calendar page and fill out the contact form for Seattle  •  Spokane  •  Bellingham  •  Olympia  •  Bay Area  •  Los Angeles  •  San Diego  •  Las Vegas  •  Denver/Boulder  •  Dallas  •  Milwaukee/Madison, WI  •  Chicago  •  Michigan  •  New York City  •  DC/Baltimore  •  Portland  •  Atlanta, Minneapolis, Wenatchee, LA - Long Beach, Houston, San Antonio, Brownsville, San Francisco, Eugene, Miami, Tallahassee, Boston, Charleston, Nashville, Newark.

Learn how to get started here.

Access resources by signing the MOU and joining our next monthly call (third Thursday of the month, 5pm (Pacific)/8pm (Eastern).

Tell us how YOU want to  ENGAGE  with Backbone:


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  • November Creative Call

    • Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 05:00 PM

    How have folks in your community been taking action? And how are you staying grounded and rested?

    Join our monthly creative activism call, Tuesday November 30th

    Time: 5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

    Click the RSVP button below to join us on Tuesday for more information on local actions and report backs from our creative community. 

    We'll share about recent actions and ways that we can all support each other's continued work. 

    On the agenda will be

    • a debrief from CSO Jacob Johns who just returned from COP26 in Glasgow
    • an honest conversation on how we're managing self care so we don't burn out
    • People Vs Fossil Fuels events 
    • update on the campaign to remove the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River, America's Most Endangered River
    • Not yet tooled up with light gear and banners?  Let us know on the call and we'll work with you to get your community these creative messaging tools.

    We look forward to connecting with you on Tuesday evening! Sign up below.