Solidarity Brigades

Use creative communication tools for social and environmental justicePhilProjectingStateHouse.jpg

Lift up your local community’s work

Connect with a network of fellow Action-Oriented Organizers

Join the Backbone Solidarity Brigade network of autonomous multi-affiliated affinity groups deploying artful activist tactics in solidarity with local and national causes.   


The tools and capacity we share with communities include: 

Artful Activism props like Trump Bobble Heads; a 16’ Racism-is-the-Elephant-in-the-Room inflatable elephant; a 28’ 28th Amendment & 210’ Constitution Preamble celebrating “We the People” (juxtaposed to “We the Corporations”) to end Corporate Personhood; fleet of inflatables, including globes, salmon, orca, pipeline. Sign up to borrow imagery here.

Banner kits with changeable messages and lettering, so groups can get their message out during day time traffic commutes, at marches, and other spots - loudly, in a highly visible way. Order yours by clicking here.

Night time visibility tools - light projections on buildings using GOBOs and LED light panels to spell out a message on a freeway overpass, the side of a building, or other visible location.

Engage with Backbone Campaign in the praxis of artful activism and reflection of collective purpose, goals, strategy and vision.

Join a Solidarity Brigade near you or start your own by visiting their calendar page and fill out the contact form for Seattle  •  Spokane  •  Bellingham  •  Olympia  •  Bay Area  •  Los Angeles  •  San Diego  •  Las Vegas  •  Denver/Boulder  •  Dallas  •  Milwaukee/Madison, WI  •  Chicago  •  Michigan  •  New York City  •  DC/Baltimore  •  Portland  •  Atlanta, Minneapolis, Wenatchee, LA - Long Beach, Houston, San Antonio, Brownsville, San Francisco, Eugene, Miami, Tallahassee, Boston, Charleston, Nashville, Newark.

Learn how to get started here.

Access resources by signing the MOU and joining our next monthly call (third Thursday of the month, 5pm (Pacific)/8pm (Eastern).

Tell us how YOU want to  ENGAGE  with Backbone:


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  • Roots of Resistance Book Club

    Support Backbone Campaign w/ The Roots of Resistance and Rivera Sun

    Join Author Rivera Sun for a special, 4-session, small group book club on The Roots of Resistance, the “nail-biting, hopeful, and inspiring” sequel to The Dandelion Insurrection. (You do not need to have read the first book to join in!)

    Mondays at 4:30-5:30pm PT 

    Feb 7, 14, 21, 28

    Sliding Scale: $50-$100 - pay what you can. All proceeds support Backbone Campaign. We’ll send you the book and save your spot in this limited space, 4-session weekly gathering on zoom with Author Rivera Sun. 

    BELOW, please type "1" in the ticket level box that corresponds to the amount you'd like to pay. (DO NOT type the amount, ie 100 or 50)

    If you have any difficulty with the registration process, please email [email protected]


    “Facing threats on all sides, the Dandelion Insurrection dug deep and held fast to the roots of resistance.”

    This special 4-session, weekly book club with Author Rivera Sun will explore The Roots of Resistance and its exciting tale of activism and organizing. We’ll talk about nonviolent movements, agents provocateurs, infiltration and sabotage, love and rebellion, and more! Building on the success of the previous book club on The Dandelion Insurrection, everyone is welcome to join this new discussion group. Bring your comments. Bring your questions. Discuss the themes with a great circle of book club members. Ask Author Rivera Sun about the behind-the-scenes moments and backstory in writing the novel.

    “Be kind. Be connected. Be unafraid.”


    Once you’ve reserved your spot by completing the form below and registering your payment on the next page, the author will send you a signed paperback copy of the book. (If you already have the book, you can give it to someone else.)

    We'll let you know which parts of the book will be discussed each week, along with the Zoom details to access the discussions.

    About the Book: 

    Charlie Rider and Zadie Byrd Gray may have won a revolution, but the fight’s not over yet! The new president can’t be trusted. The rich and powerful refuse to step down. A mysterious group called the Roots slips a violent edge into the heart of the movement. When the media cooks up a love affair between Zadie and the leader of the Roots, it takes every ounce of Charlie’s courage and compassion to keep the Dandelion Insurrection moving forward.

    You’re in for a wild adventure as the indomitable dandelions rise to the challenges of intrigues, deception, love triangles, and sabotage. They confront it all with passion and bold action that will leave you cheering for more!

    “In times of despair, we need hope. In times of frustration, we need inspiration. In times of confusion, we need clarity. Rivera brings us all of these and more.” - Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics and International Studies, University of San Francisco

    "A tale of revolution, resistance and the indomitable power of love… skims tantalizingly close to the surface of what could be political reality in these United States in just a few short years." - Elizabeth Murray, former Deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Near East, National Intelligence Council and Member in Residence, Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action.

    About Rivera Sun

    Activist/Author Rivera Sun has written numerous books and novels, including The Dandelion Insurrection and the award-winning Ari Ara Series. She is the editor of Nonviolence News, a staff member at Pace e Bene/Campaign Nonviolence, and serves on the board of Backbone Campaign.

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