Atlanta says F*@# Trump with Guerrilla Light Projection

ftrump.jpgAtlanta Solidarity Brigade, part of the network of affiliated Guerrilla Light Projection teams and members of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) projected a denouncement of the regime and party of Trump in two simple words.

Just after the election in 2016, and then again on the anniversary, they represented the sentiments felt by many members of their community.

In an NBC affiliate television interview DSA member Milton Tambor had this to say:

"Sometimes you've got to do something shocking and startling. Sometimes, it makes people uncomfortable."

"I think part of what parents have to explain is these may not be nice words, but a lot of people are upset, a lot of people are concerned they'll be deported, a lot of people are concerned they'll be losing the healthcare that they have, a lot of people are concerned they'll be the targets of racism, hatred and bigotry and that's what needs to be explained, not the word itself."

A year later, those fears have most certainly proven to be well-founded.

(More from that television segment HERE)

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