Bold Projection Outside ICE Office In Harlingen, TX

Another great team up with the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network! The team projected outside ICE/USCIS office in Harlingen, TX.

A note from the activists: "We were very weary of the private guards outside the building calling the cops so we planned to only project on gobo from inside ****'s van, instead of setting down the light in the parking lot. This meant he had to hold up the light with him arms and it was hard to get the gobo level. In many of the shots we took the image was crooked. The guard didn't end up calling the cops, and we had more time than we anticipated. In retrospect, we should have planned to set the light down, project for as long as we could, and leave only if cops showed up."

It's always best to be cautious the first time at a new location if you can!


Learn more about the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network.

Projections read "Migration is a Human Right #FreeThemAll" and "Detention Kills #FreeThemAll".