Wisdom Keepers delegation to COP29

In the evolving landscape of our collective consciousness, we, the Indigenous Peoples, unite in 2024 to offer a transformative insight that transcends our current paradigms. Anchored in profound respect for our ancestral knowledge and a relentless dedication to safeguarding our cultural heritage, we contribute significantly to the conservation and rejuvenation of our invaluable natural environments.

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Integrating our Indigenous viewpoints, we carve a new trajectory that confronts the looming challenges of climate change and societal shifts, all the while upholding values of social equity, cultural richness, communal bonds, respect, attentive engagement, and environmental stewardship for future generations. Our ancestral wisdom is crucial for humanity's endurance.

In collaboration with the global community, we aspire to a harmonious existence that protects the Earth's ecosystems and guarantees a sustainable legacy for the future, inspired by our forebears' insights and our united spiritual aspirations. Collectively, we seek sacred wisdom, empowering us to tackle imminent hurdles and to forge a future that honors the unity of all life, celebrating the deep interconnection that unites us as a worldwide family.

Yet, we confront barriers on our path to a sustainable tomorrow. The Conference of Parties (COP), an essential global forum overseeing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, often overlooks us, the Indigenous and frontline groups, in critical climate discussions. This exclusion poses a substantial challenge, limiting our capacity to contribute effectively and enact significant climate solutions. Thus, it's critical to ensure that our voices are not just heard but are also reflected in concrete policy actions.

By elevating our presence and participation in COP discussions, we can introduce the profound insights and knowledge born from our intimate relationship with the earth and nature. Together, we can craft a future that honors and incorporates the varied perspectives of all communities, paving the way towards a more sustainable and just world.

In 2024, advancing from our foundational efforts in Dubai last year, our coalition of activists and Indigenous Wisdom Keepers continues to strengthen our initiative in the second year of a strategic three-year endeavor. This project is dedicated to integrating the diverse voices of marginalized communities into a unified platform, setting it as a reference point in global climate negotiations. Our goal is to elevate these critical perspectives, ensuring they are recognized and respected, thereby reinforcing our solidarity on a global scale.


Building on last year's progress, we are furthering our advocacy to ensure Indigenous wisdom is not just acknowledged but is the central axis to the development of modern climate policies. This is vital for establishing inclusive, equitable, and long-lasting climate action strategies that respect and incorporate the depth of Indigenous knowledge and practices.

This year, our efforts are characterized by an increased focus on collaborative and spiritual practices that were initiated in Dubai. We continue to offer prayers for the future of humanity, a practice that emphasizes our commitment to spiritual traditions and the transformative power of unity. These prayers aim to inspire a respectful and open-hearted approach to the negotiations, reminding all participants of the deeper connections that bind us, from our vital experience of Good Living.

The strategy sessions leading up to COP29 are an integral part of our project's second phase. These gatherings are opportunities for the collective to refine our strategies and platform, drawing from the rich diversity of perspectives and experiences within our group. This collaborative process is crucial for crafting policies that are truly representative and beneficial for all, transcending cultural and identity boundaries.

Your involvement is crucial in this second year of our journey. Building on the groundwork laid in Dubai, your support enables us to continue this vital work, bringing us closer to a future where climate policy reflects the collective wisdom and needs of all communities. Together, we are forging a path towards a climate framework that genuinely embodies the principles of sustainability, equity, and interconnectedness, guided by the invaluable insights of Indigenous knowledge essential for our planet's future.

To make a contribution to the Wisdom Keeper Delegation trip to COP29 in Azerbaijan, please click HERE All donations are tax-deductible, to the fullest extent of the law.


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