Projection as Protest

lightprojectionLight Projection is easy, fun, and a great way to raise the visibility of an issue! Check out this great How To video to get started using this tactic.

Over the last three years, the Backbone Campaign has been spreading this excellent tactic to allies across the country. Watch this video to learn how to project your messages for great visibility and photo opportunities. And learn how you can get GOBOs for your action below. 

Learn about this and many other creative tactics at our workshops and annual action camp.
If you haven't seen our "Trespassing with Light" video from a previous Bank of America action in Charlotte, NC. action go HERE to see how a little conflict can enhance your action. Large version of Projection as Protest video below.

Donate TodayWhen you make a $50 or greater contribution to the Backbone Campaign, you can select GOBO as a thank you gift. But you will first have to call the office to confirm that we can make the message you want (206) 408-8058.




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