Expose the "Elephant in the Room"


Fill out our Imagery Request form rent or borrow the Elephant in the Room prop for your actions!

This impressive inflatable fits in a large rolling suitcase and expands to be 12ft tall by 16ft long in less than 2 minutes. Rent or borrow this prop to point out in a big a way the Elephant in the Room issue that no one is talking about.

If an injustice and the voices pushing the issue have been ignored for far too long, make it near impossible for your targets to not address this Elephant in the Room. Replace the velcro banners on the side with your own message. With a little rehearsal, some stealthiness and bravado you can definitely give your campaign the media attention the issue deserves.

The elephant is most recently being used in communities across the U.S. to highlight Racism or White Supremacy as the Elephant in the Room. (See more HERE