Hazard Pay For Essential Workers

The Solidarity Brigade in Portland, Maine showed up at City Hall in support of hazard pay for Maine’s essential workers. Portland's residence voted in 2020 to increase hazard pay for frontline essential workers, however, big corporations are refusing to honor the people's decision. 

In November 2020 the citizens of Portland voted to implement hazard pay 1 ½ time the minimum wage for front line workers during states of emergency - LIKE THIS PANDEMIC! However, the city of Portland is blocking the will of the people and refusing to pay the additional wages.
And while many small businesses have started paying their worker's additional wages, huge wealthy companies like Whole Foods are NOT.
A few workers have taken this to court. The court said that the ordinance could start paying the additional wages in 2022. This is too long of await for people who are risking their lives every day in frontline jobs. 

Support Maine businesses that treat their workers fairly. Visit  Progressive Portland for a list of local businesses paying hazard pay, or @ProgPortME on Twitter.

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