Organize a Human Orca Mural

Fill out our Imagery Request form to bring a Human Orca Mural to your community!

Organize a giant Human Orca Mural in support of the Southern Resident Orcas. 

The Human Orca Mural is a great way for a community to come together in solidarity action for orca and salmon, by keeping the issue of supporting and saving the orca and salmon visible by creating photographic content for media attention. We can come together to help people feel their connection to each other, the orca, salmon and this beautiful, precious and fragile place.

Orca mother Tahlequah (J-35) carried her dead calf for 17 days and 1000 miles in a powerful "tour of grief" that drew international attention summer of 2018. Help us build on the incredible courage and spirit of Tahlequah. 

Typically, organizing these actions takes about 4 - 6 weeks You will need to locate an appropriate location to fit the Human Orca Mural, raise awareness in your community via press releases, social media, word of mouth, etc. and find someone who has and can operate a drone. 

We have two size options:

  • The Smaller option is 75' long (from tail to nose) by about 35' deep, and requires approximately 50 - 75 people. (Most communities use this one)
  • The Larger option is 110' long by about 50' deep and requires 100 - 200 people.
Cut some white plastic or cloth for the spots. Gather folks to fill in the outlines. Invite people to come with black clothes and/or black umbrellas. Use a drone to take the photos. You may also use the drone to adjust the look, in order to get a picture you'll all be proud of.
IMPORTANT: Plan around the tides if you are on the shore of the Salish Sea.

An action like this can be significantly aided by the help of a contractor/builder used to staking out a building site.

We hope this helps you self organize a solidarity vigil/human mural in your community. It is a powerful way to bring people together to organize for yet further action. Let us know you're organizing an action, and we will provide advice and help promote your gathering and your impact. Connect with others doing actions here.

We respect Tahlequah's intelligence, and we believe that she was trying to communicate with us. We must heed the warning from her and her pod; no activist organization has ever spoken with such clarity and urgency as these beings during those ten days. She successfully made the invisible visible more effectively than any activist organization ever could. Let's make sure she is heard.d

Governor Inslee is responding to pressure for Lower for Snake River dam removal. We need to increase that pressure and expand it to the task force, the AG's office and elsewhere.