Lowell Resists National Grid

Lowell Pipeline Resistance marched outside Lowell city hall with an inflatable pipeline reading "National Grid Sucks!" to protest National Grid's plans for building new, expanded pipeline infrastructure through the city.

National Grid (which is planning a $30M pipeline expansion through Lowell) came to Lowell City hall to talk about a small pipeline project at a city council meeting. It's not the same as the $30M project, but activists with the Lowell Pipeline Resistance believe that it is important to confront National Grid whenever they invade the community. The National Grid representative was visibly uncomfortable when giving a very brief presentation about this pipeline, and scheduling a hearing for May 22.

UPDATE: 5/23: After activists with the Lowell Pipeline Resistance successfully denied the fossil fuel industry a platform in Lowell. Activists shut down National Grid's presentation on May 15 about the $30M pipeline expansion. As a result, National Grid pushed back the date of their own May 22 hearing to June 26.

See media coverage of the event by the Lowell Sun and watch the Facebook Livestream.

See more video coverage below. (Link opens in new window)

Check out the Lowell Resists Facebook page and Twitter.

Photo credit to Danny Bravo.