Kaleidoscope of Monarch Butterflies

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Amplify the message "Migration is Beautiful" with our kaleidoscope of 19 monarch butterflies. These butterflies symbolize unhindered migration, resiliency, transformation, rebirth, life, change, and hope.

Every year, Monarch Butterflies migrate nearly 2000 miles from Central Mexico to Southern Canada and Northern U.S., taking four generations of butterflies to complete the journey. This migration has been called "one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world."

This versatile imagery can be deployed in solidarity with immigrants and asylum seekers to say "Migration is beautiful!" or as an environmental visual. Members of this kaleidoscope have been deployed outside the Tacoma NW Detention Center, as part of the Global Climate Strike, and even in a local parade alongside our giant inflatable earth.

Deploy one, a few, or the whole kaleidoscope!