On The Move!

I'm so proud of our team and its work. I think you're going to love Backbone's new training on wheels, delivering tools and skills to folks who want to stand up and protect what they love.

At our 10th annual Localize This! Action Camp last month, we wheat pasted Sera, our giant box truck, and turned it into a moving billboard calling for Salmon Restoration and Orca Protection.  Inspired, we came up with a new project that delivers artful activism tools into the hands of more folks, for more effective campaigns and WINS

Check out Sera and the new moving billboard in this fun short video, featuring our beautiful home, Vashon Island.

Backbone needs your help to keep this project growing, to help save the Salish Sea orca.

(Thanks to Artist in Residence Alessandra Mondolfi for the collaboration and video!)

We are now delivering Pop Up Trainings, bringing the spiffed up biodiesel-running truck to a church or community center, where we unload the gorgeous inflatables, set up work stations for folks to create banners, teach light projection techniques, go over principles of Grand Strategy for more strategic issue campaigns, and demonstrate the beautiful LED flexible panels. The trainings finish with a nighttime light projection, followed by an early morning freeway banner the next day.  (Nothing like hands on learning!)

Here's how you can be part of this:

  • Bring this to your community! 
  • Make a donation so we can keep this project rolling, until the dams are breached and the orca get the chinook salmon they need to survive. 
  • Join the Lumbar Club so we can keep on skilling up people who care, with messaging tools that make a difference!


Make a Donation Here

Join the Lumbar Club


We've tested this program in 3 locations now (Spokane, Portland, and Tacoma) and people love it. We've already got plans for Bellingham, Southern California and other locations.

Our capacity to deliver to communities and change agents around the country depends on your generosity. Thank you for all your support in the past; please pitch in today.

Forward Together!

Bill Moyer