Orca Spotted in Gas Works Park

The Human Orca Mural was BACK and in full swing for this year’s Orca Action Month.

An iconic member of the Backbone Imagery library, the Human Orca Mural has been performed all over the PNW. This is a great action that can bring people together to inspire continued action and change for our Southern Resident Killer Whales.

Backbone’s own, Lucy Larkin was first inspired by the Human Orca Mural that took place in March 2022 at Victor Steinbrueck Park near Pike Place in Seattle. And now they are a pivotal member of the crew that is trained to have murals in communities like yours! 

The event was originally scheduled for the beginning of the month, but was rained out due to an atmospheric river. The key component to capturing the desired shot is a drone. Check out the final video captured by Haman Crown of West Seattle. 

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