Solidarity Brigades - VS - the NRA

Solidarity Brigades Rocked Their Lights Against the NRA in ELEVEN cities this past weekend. Projections took place in Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, LA, Tacoma, Portland, Tallahassee, Seattle, Dallas, DC and Madison. But don't take our word for it.  Watch this incredible video.  [Big thanks to editor Julie Sotomura!]

NOW - Backbone invites YOU to manifest more actions like these. 


Besides the 11 cities above, Eugene, Spokane, Bellingham, Olympia, Detroit, Boulder, Houston, NYC, and Nashville have lights and skills for the next round.  Our next push is to get gear to the Bay Area, Charleston (SC), St. Louis and Boston.  The next actions will be a series of projections to reinforce the themes of the Poor People's Campaign.

That'll be 24 cities! Click HERE to chip in.  Regardless of what issues you're passionate about, having Backbone Campaign tooling up folks around the country helps advance your values and vision for the future. Let's expand to 25 cities by this summer - and 50 by 2019.

Thank you to all those who already pitched in to help make this action possible. If you're excited about Backbone's style of artful activism and want to fuel more Solidarity Brigades and their awesome actions, please step up with a tax-deductible donation HERE!

Forward Together!

Team Backbone