Timothy Swenson

NVDA and Climbing Trainer & Grassroots Organizer | Areas of Experience: Blockades, Know Your Rights, Deep Ecology/Biocentrism, Basic Rigging including Haul Systems, Action Scouting

Tim has been organizing within the Environmental and Climate Justice movements for the past 6 years, with a focus on campaigning against fossil fuel exports and deforestation. Other issues Tim has worked on include opposing energy infrastructure projects, supporting Indigenous struggles, pushing the dialogue against an anthropocentric perspective, fighting unnecessary development projects, protecting endangered species, social justice, and radical mental health.

Tim has organized and/or worked with several Earth First! groups, Cascadia Forest DefendersPortland Rising Tide, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, NestBackbone Campaign, as well as organized several large action camps.

Currently Tim lives in Eugene Oregon, and is focusing on campaigns to stop the privatization of state forest lands for clear cutting as well as challenging an attempt to sell off 2 million acres of forests in Oregon and California.

Affiliated Organization: Earth First!, Cascadia Forest Defenders, Portland Rising TideBlue Mountains Biodiversity ProjectNest, and Backbone Campaign