350 Spokane Solidarity Action with Mazaska Talks at Wells Fargo

Logo_and_No_New_Pipeline_Wells_Fargo_Action_by_350_Spokane_.jpg350 Spokane organized a solidarity action utilizing one of Backbone's inflatable pipelines as part of the #DivestTheGlobe actions taking place around the world.

30 protestors carried Backbone-made oil pipeline and other signs to 3 banks in downtown Spokane. They delivered a letter and a petition in coordination with the #DivestTheGlobe international day of action planned by Mazaska Talks.

Protestors marched from Bank of America, which had locked down, to Wells Fargo, where three leaders made remarks on a PA system, then to Chase bank.

The purpose of the day of action was to pressure the Equator Banks meeting in Brazil Oct 23-25 to revise their social and environmental justice investment Principles to require "free, prior, and informed consent" from Indigenous people impacted by projects and to stop funding any new fossil fuel infrastructure.

No_New_Pipeline_Wells_Fargo_Action_by_350_Spokane___2_.jpgFor more information about #DivestTheGlobe visit mazaskatalks.org

For more photos check out the Flickr album HERE

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